In the Moment Subscription Box for Kids

Help your child live in the moment with the "In the Moment" subscription box. The fun activities and self care products in this box will help to set your child up for lifelong health and wellness.


We know how important it is to teach our children how to slow down and do what is best for their mental and physical health. Even with this knowledge, it is hard to incorporate these important practices into our busy lives.

Let us help you. Our boxes are designed to be fun and draw in event the most skeptical child. Your child will look forward to receiving their box and will slow down to enjoy the activities and self care products each month.

At Juniper we are committed to using natural and sustainable materials. You can rest at ease knowing that your box and everything inside were chosen with natural living and sustainability in mind.

Join our waitlist today to begin your child's journey to life long health and wellness.

What's in the box?

We want your child to be excited and inspired each and every month. For this reason the items in the box will be fresh and new each month. Some things that you may see in your upcoming box are:

  • A Mindfulness Game

  • Relaxing Body Spray

  • A 30 Day Challenge

  • A Meditative Marble Maze

  • A Mantra Card

  • An Inspiring Zine

  • Healing Salve